Sense of Hearing



Hearing - The world would be a very different place without our ears!  We want to tell children with our ears, we can listen to other people speaking, bird singing, dog barking and water running.  When children touch any of the scenes on the panel, they can hear the corresponding sound.  There are also high-pitched and low-pitched sound buttons. While looking at the sound waves diagrams, children can use their ears to find the difference between them.  We also explain to children sound travels in waves through the air.  Our ears gather up all of the sound waves around us and send the vibrations as signals to our brains.  We have added a clear acrylic tube in order to show children sound travels through air.  Everytime when a sound is being played, children should find there are different degrees of vibrations on the foam balls sitting at the middle of the tube.  The foam balls vibrate when sound waves pass by.  For example, when sound of a thunder storm is being played, children can see the foam balls vibrating.  This is a good idea to let children "see" the transmission of sound waves.  The wall panel also explains to children sound can be of different magnitude (loudness) and we need to protect our ears when the surroundings are too loud.

  ITEM # : ME15839
  SIZE(cm) : L:46.00    W:46.00    H:7.80
        (inch) : L:18.1    W:18.1    H:3.1
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