Free-standing Painting Window



A solid wooden sturdy easel is supplied with a clear acrylic window which children can paint again and again.  Children will enjoy painting and drawing with water color brushes and water based markers.  Easy to clean.  Children can stand either side and paint their portraits.  Supplied with wooden mounted tray for storing paints and brushes. The free-standing easel can be used together with all of the Masterkidz Education Wall Elements which fit neatly into the panel creating a new game every time.  Magnetic 
writing board and mirror board are also included in the series.  In other words, the painting window can easily be turned into a mirror stand, writing stand or a toy stand by a quick tool-free operation.  Putting in or taking out wall elements from the stand will only take a minute. This sturdy painting window is made of top quality European beech wood and plywood.

  ITEM # : ME03669
  SIZE(cm) : L:52.00    W:37.00    H:108.00
        (inch) : L:20.5    W:14.6    H:42.5
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