Sense of Taste



We explain to children in detail how the tongue is the location of the sense of taste which we use to learn about flavors of things.  It tells children there are four types of taste which include salty, sweet, sour, and bitter.  There are different zones of the tongue responsible for these four tastes.  Children will be asked to place different foods onto the right zones on the tongue.  A good practice for learninga about tase zones.  They will also be asked to identify things human can "taste" and things human "cannot taste".  We also teach children how to protect their sense of taste for example by avoiding very hot food or keep the tongues away from sharp objects.

  ITEM # : ME15815
  SIZE(cm) : L:46.00    W:46.00    H:3.50
        (inch) : L:18.1    W:18.1    H:1.4
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