Sense of Sight



Sight - important as it allows us to see our surroundings in visible light.  This learning board explains how we use our eyes to gain knowledge of the world around us such as colors, brightness, and shapes of objects.  When children touch the tree on left side of the panel, a series of lightboxes will be lit up to show how the light gets through the lense and reaches the retina inside the eye.  The image will then be converted into signals which will reach the brain and be perceived as SIGHT.  Diagrams on the lower left corner tell children human eyes can identify shapes, brightness and colours.  We also teach children how to protect their sense of sight.  For example, "Do not watch screens for long hours.", "Wear protective glasses when dealing with corrosive materials.", Keep the eyes away from sharp tools.", and etc.

  ITEM # : ME15808
  SIZE(cm) : L:46.00    W:46.00    H:5.10
        (inch) : L:18.1    W:18.1    H:2.0
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