Learning Card Pocket Chart and Velcro Attaching Fabric Surface Double-Sided Hanger Cloth



A 2-sided learning card pocket chart designed for different types of teaching and learning activities.  The entire back side is featured with a velcro attaching fabric which can be used with different types of velcro pieces.  Compatibility makes this product unique.  With use of the Masterkidz Hanger (ME13033), this product fits perfectly with Masterkidz Painting WALLs (ME04475),Masterkidz WALL Panel (ME11367 and ME10971).  Hanging holes also align with the holes on the Pegs 'N Bolts® activity WALL.  User can easily hang it to the activity WALL by tightening 4 plastic bolts.  

  ITEM # : ME10735
  SIZE(cm) : L:1000.00    W:680.00    H:15.00
        (inch) : L:393.7    W:267.7    H:5.9
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