Digestive System



The job of the digestive system is to break down the food we eat into smaller units called nutrients. The nutrients are then absorbed into the bloodstream and fuel the body’s activities. This learning board shows how the major organs play their roles in the digestion process.  Different touch bottons will initiate light effects illustrating each of the digestion stages: The MOUTH takes in food and begins the digestive process, which continues in the STOMACH. The food then passes to the INTESTINES. Any food that the body doesn't need or can't use is sent to the large intestine and later leaves the body as waste, which completes the process. 

  ITEM # : ME14412
  SIZE(cm) : L:46.00    W:46.00    H:5.10
        (inch) : L:18.1    W:18.1    H:2.0
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