Light-Up Plant Life Cycle Stages Panel



A learning activity focuses on different developmental stages of a bean plant. The board contains real life specimens encapsulated in clear acrylic blocks which allow children to closely look into details. Life stages of most plants starting with a seed and ending with a grown plant can be seen and discussed with the added benefit of switches to light up each one in turn. Once lit-up, the specimens reveal all of their hidden secrets and children will be drawn in to examine them in greater detail.  As well as the visual brilliance of these boards, children will also benefit from the rich words and language that surrounds these wonderous timelines.  Batteries are NOT included.

  ITEM # : ME13217
  SIZE(cm) : L:46.00    W:46.00    H:5.80
        (inch) : L:18.1    W:18.1    H:2.3
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