1-20 Addition & Subtraction Learning Bus

3y +


A 1-20 number learning double decker for simple mathematical skills development for ages 3-6.  When the upper deck is removed, it will turn into a 1-10 number learning bus making suitable for younger kids.  The set consists of 20 passengers including kids, handicapped, elderly and adults, 1 number dice, 1 get on/get off dice, a bus flip book showing the number of passengers on bus and a playguide.  The playguide includes a number of games such as counting, simple addition/subtraction, number bonds, (1-20) Place Value foundations understanding 11-19 are composed of 1 ten and different number of ones,  (1-20)Addition with Carry Over, (1-20)Subtraction with Regrouping,   

  ITEM # : ME09784
  SIZE(cm) : L:32.00    W:18.00    H:15.00
        (inch) : L:12.6    W:7.1    H:5.9
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