2-Panel Extending Unit



Green Slim Wall Elements Mounting System - 2-Panel Extending Unit

The Green Slim Wall System is screwed securely to a suitable wall to provide an empty frame holder. A ledge at the bottom of the frame and thumb screws at the top allow ‘Learning Boards’ to be conveniently dropped in to place in a few seconds and because each board is different, a new learning opportunity can be presented to children in just a few seconds, whenever required. With so many different learning boards available the system provides a constantly changing fresh challenge to the children in your care every day. The frame size you select is up to you and dependent upon the space you have available. Green Slim Wall frames come as singles or doubles to hold just one learning board or as many as you desire to fill the available wall space. Learning Board Wall Elements can also be used with the STEM WALL® system using tamperproof screws to fix the into place. An open ended-ended system and a must for every classroom.

  ITEM # : ME09692
  SIZE(cm) : L:922.00    W:45.00    H:45.00
        (inch) : L:363.0    W:17.7    H:17.7
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