1-Panel Extending Unit

3y +


Green Slim Wall Element Mounting System is a system built for flexibility!  The system consists of end bars, one-unit and two-unit extending units. A set of end bars with any combination of extending unit will make up a wall element mounting system.  With the system mounted on wall, teachers can easily change the wall elements without the use of tools except for a simple knob turning.  Schools can flexibily make a system for any number of wall element from 1 to any number e.g. 10 or 12.  One good example can show how the system's flexibility on construction turns into flexibility to the school trying to have different wall elements mounted at different times of teaching due to limited wall space.  A school is only able to installed a 5-unit system on a wall due to limited space.  The school however plans to have different wall elements mounted at different times to cope with different purposes.  With this system, this problem has completed been solved.  Made from FSC European beech wood.  Detailed installation guide provided. 

  ITEM # : ME09777
  SIZE(cm) : L:0.00    W:0.00    H:0.00
        (inch) : L:0.0    W:0.0    H:0.0
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