Square LED Light Box (White)


A sturdy wooden LED light box encourages children to explore color mixing by placing the colour shades on top of one another.  Becautiful effects can be created when light shines through different materials such as leaves, paper, sand tray, etc. It is made of European Beech wood (FSC) and Russian Birch plywood.  The length of cable is 1.5m and the size is 63.8 x 63.8 x 6.8 cm.



Wall Elements - Mirrored Play House


This is not just a space-saving playhouse, but also a visual training and a colour recognition teaching toy. The playhouse consists of 3 compartments where children can have fun to put their own minifurnitures and figurines. All inside walls and floors are mirrored to encourage children to learn about reflections.  It also helps the development of spatial skills.  The roof is featured with 3 windows in different colours, i.e., red, yellow and blue. The board can be permanently mounted on wall or flexibly used with Masterkidz Flexible Mounting System and Masterkidz Free-standing Painting Window. It is made of Russian birch plywood.The size of board is 46 x 46 x 12.3cm.








Giant Free-standing Painting Wall


This giant wooden painting wall is supplied with a clear acrylic window which children can draw a painting again and again.  The trays at the bottom of both sides can be used to hold paint and brushes.  At the top of the painting wall, there are 2 paper roll holders which can hold most of the paper rolls in the market. In this way, several kids can draw on the window or paper together!  This painting wall is also featured with lockable wheels.  With the metal pull handle on one side, children cannot relocate the painting wall. Water colour and water based markers can be used on this product. 












Mirror Tray


A large sturdy wooden mirror tray is ideal for children to understand the way of reflection. The tray incorporates a central mirror for children to understand and develop their understanding of symmetry. It is made of Russian birch plywood with a safe acrylic mirror. The size is 47 x 47 x 8.1cm




Rectangular Sand Tray


A rectangular tray with shatter proof glass base allows messy sand play and repetitive sand drawing.  The side panels are made of very sturdy FSC European beech wood. The tray fits well into the Masterkidz Square LED Light Boxes.  Kids will absolutely enjoy the messy play with the amazing lighting effect. Wooden accessories are included.


55 Pieces Rainbow Bricks Assortment Set (Rainbow Blocks, Mirror Blocks and Hollow Blocks)


A set of sturdy and colourful wooden blocks are made of European beech wood and translucent colour acrylic.  The 55 pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes provide endless opportunities for children to create and construct, and each block can be looked through to provide children a different perpective of the world. The set fits perfectly into Tray D of the Masterkidz Storage Tray System.   











Blocks n' Cups—Circle


This product consists of a set of 9 wooden circular blocks and cups in 9 assorted colours. It can help children develop colour recognition and fine motor skills by matching the ball to the correct coloured cup. This set comes with a play guide which includes various challenges and games for children at age of 2 to 6.  It is made of European wood and supplied in a sturdy wooden box which measures 20.7 x 20.2 x 5.3cm.











Shopping Cart


A sturdy shopping trolley is made of solid plywood and soft plastic wheels.  It can make a perfect market stand role playing together with the Masterkidz Market Stand and Cash Register.  




Wall Elements - Flexible Mounting System - Caterpillar


Are you tired of having the same wall games installed on the wall for years?  Do you know how to deal with the damaged wall panels hanging on the wall? Are you worrying about how to repair the wall after taking down the wall panels?  Here comes a solution!  This is a patented flexible wall panel mounting system that allows teachers to easily set up their desired wall panel.  The system can hold up to 5 Masterkidz Education Wall Elements. It will take less than 1 minute for a female teacher to install a wall panel. In this way, teachers can change the wall elements in different themes such as sensory training, games, motor skills training, science, etc.  The cute and creative design can also prefectly decorate the wall.It is made of Russian birch plywood and European Beech wood (FSC).




Outdoor Wooden Kitchen


This is an attractive natural kitchen that fits for any outdoor environment. The all-in-one outdoor Cooker range consists of central oven with 4 hot plates, a sink and wooden taps fixed either side. The sink includes two plastic bowls, and storage for kitchen utensils below. The kitchen also includes a wooden open back panel which is suitable for hanging kitchen utensils. It is made of New Zealand pine wood (FSC) and treated with a dark stained natural preserve to withstand the outdoor elements and keep in good condition throughout the seasons.